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Welcome to PulsePoint's home for technical documentation. To navigate this space, use the links below or the sidebar on the left-hand side of your browser. If you have questions or suggestions for us, please refer to our Support page; we'll be happy to help.

For Publishers

The following pages are intended for organizations that monetize their online inventory via the PulsePoint exchange.

Ad Tags

Details the different types of ad tags and ad-tag enhancements offered to PulsePoint publishers, including standard ad tags, SmartFile, and AutoPass tags.

End of Open Enrollment

Provides details on PulsePoint's discontinuation of publisher open enrollment in August 2013.

For Buyers

The following pages are intended for organizations that place bids via the PulsePoint exchange. Note that the PulsePoint exchange supports two APIs: PulsePointRTB v1.1, a custom API created by our in-house development team, and OpenRTB v2.2, the standard API created by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

PulsePointRTB API  

Details all PulsePointRTB parameters, along with sample bid responses and bid requests.


Details the OpenRTB elements currently supported on the PulsePoint exchange, along with sample bid responses and bid requests.

Visitor Match

Contains technical information on visitor matching relevant to all PulsePoint RTB buyers.

RTB Implementation Notes

Contains technical information relevant to all PulsePoint RTB partners, regardless of the API they use. Covers supported ad dimensions, macro substitution, encryption, notifications, and creative-attribute blocking.

DSP Integration

Provides a high-level overview of PulsePoint's DSP-integration process.

Release Notes

PulsePoint generates release notes on a monthly basis. Our release notes are intended to alert our partners to new or updated features in our product ecosystem.

Release Notes: 2014 Q3

Release Notes: 2014 Q4

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