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Document Revision: 1.00

The Buyer Portal is the user interface used by DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) to set up and manage accounts.

We designed the Buyer Portal’s powerful tools to help you meet these goals in a streamlined and automated fashion. You can understand key metrics across differing transaction types, manage QPS volumes, and more. These features support efficient media management that maximizes your return.

Please use the following URL to access the Buyer Portal.

You can navigate through the screens via the menu displayed below.

Helpful Hints

General information regarding the Buyer Portal. Please review this document before you start using this application.


This function displays detailed information regarding your bidding metrics on the PulsePoint exchange.


This function provides access to the multitude of settings that control Buyer Portal functionality.


This feature provides fast and easy access to your account's data. You can view this information on screen, and export it to Excel.