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Document Revision 1.18


At the present time, Header Bidding is not supported for Video tags or In-App Tags.

PulsePoint Header Bidding Overview

Introductory Information regarding PulsePoint's robust, automated and highly compatible header bidding solution.

Setting up Google Ad Manager (formerly called DFP) for PulsePoint Header Bidding

Technical information regarding the implementation of line items via PulsePoint's automated header bidding solution. Our tool greatly facilitates this process.

Configuring PulsePoint Wrapper

The steps necessary to configure the PulsePoint header bidding wrapper

Adding PulsePoint to Your Wrapper

For publishers who already have a wrapper installed, such as PreBid.js

Advanced Header Bidding Solutions

Information regarding advanced header bidding solutions. They include manual trafficking via Google Ad Manager (an alternative to procedure described in the Part 2 document above), and custom header bidding integration(s). If you need assistance with any of these processes, please contact

Enabling Header Bidding Analytics

Information on enabling Header Bidder Analytics to help you evaluate how your wrapper is performing.

Header Bidding Tips

Useful information regarding header bidding implementation, including recommended line item granularity.


Publisher Selling Desk (Header Bidding Tags)

Information regarding setting up header bidding tags in PulsePoint's Selling Desk.