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Document Revision 1.11


This document contains useful information to assist you with header bidding implementation. 

Line Items

Header bidding line items communicate to the ad server what the worth of the bidder demand is to you. You must configure them whether you are using PulsePoint's automated header bidding tool, or performing manual trafficking via Google's Ad Manager (formerly called DFP) tool. We highly recommend PulsePoint's automated tool, since it is less error-prone, and faster to use than AdManager's manual interface.

When setting up the Ad Manager order and line items, each price priority line in Ad Manager corresponds to a bid received from the PulsePoint header bidder. For example, a $2.40 Ad Manager line will always receive bids of $2.40 from the PulsePoint bidder.  Depending on the granularity you implement (e.g. every $0.10), you can have few, or many line items over a range (e.g. $0.01 - $20.00). These line items determine the CPM and targeting, depending on the bid value.

Refer to the tables below for specific examples.


The examples below assume you need only one set of pricing tiers with one granularity. If you need to set up additional pricing tiers, the math is slightly different. Please contact if you wish to set up additional pricing tiers.


Number of Pricing Tiers, up to $20.00

$1.00  20
$0.10 200

As you can see, the finer the granularity, the more line items must be created/maintained. While there is no extra effort required when using PulsePoint's automated tool, considerable work is involved if, for example, you require a granularity of $0.10 from $0.10 to $20.00, which would require 200 line items.


Pricing TierBid RangeRemarks
$0.10$0.10 - $0.19Bids below $0.10 cannot be accepted. $0.10 is the Floor Price.
$0.20$0.20 - $0.29Bids from $0.21 to $0.29 are rounded down to $0.20.
$0.30$0.30 - $0.39Bids from $0.31 to $0.39 are rounded down to $0.30.

194 tiers omitted from chart ($0.40 - $19.70).
$19.80$19.80 - $19.89Bids from $19.81 to $19.89 are rounded down to $19.80.
$19.90$19.90 - $19.99Bids from $19.91 to $19.99 are rounded down to $19.90.
$20.00$20.00 and upAll bids > $20.00 are rounded down to $20.00, unless you implement a further set of line items for values > $20.00.

1) Bids are rounded down if they do not match the value of a pricing tier. For example, with $0.10 granularity, bids of $7.91 and $7.99 are rounded into the same $7.90 price pricing tier. (See table below.)
2) If a bid exceeds the value in the highest pricing tier, it falls into that pricing tier.
3) Bids below the value of the lowest pricing tier will not be handled.
4) You can set up a second set of pricing tiers, with a different granularity, for values greater than the upper limit of your original set of pricing tiers. if you wish to do so, please contact 

How do I decide on my granularity? The finer the granularity, the better your monetization. The table below (in conjunction with the previous table) demonstrates the result of a bid of $7.99 per various granularities.

GranularityResult for bid of $7.99Difference
$0.01$7.99 $0.00

The downsides to implementing a more precise granularity are as follows:

1) When you perform manual trafficking via Ad Manager when configuring your order, there is considerable work involved.
2) Reporting will be more detailed. e.g.
    ♦ A $0.10 granularity for $0.01 - $20.00 will yield 2,000 report items.
    ♦ A $0.01 granularity for $0.01 - $10.00 will yield 200 report items.  

 Please contact if you need assistance with deciding on your granularity.