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The Payment Report Tab (accessed by clicking Payment from the top-level menu) provides information regarding your earnings and payments. You can review your invoice history, and check your payment status.


If you have not yet set up your payments, please do as follows.

1) Click Setup on the top menu bar.
2) Click Payments on the Setup submenu bar to access the Payment Setup tab.

Click here for more info.


When can I expect PulsePoint to send me my earnings?

At the end of the calendar month, we will enter your earnings for processing. You should expect payment on your earnings NET 45 days from the end of the calendar month during which you accrued the earnings.

Is there a minimum amount I have to hit for PulsePoint to process my earnings?

Yes - For us to process your earnings, your ad tags need to earn at least $50 USD in a given month. We will not process your earnings for payment until you have accumulated at least $50 USD; otherwise, they will roll over into the next month.

Invoice History

The Invoice History summarizes your earnings and corresponding payments. 


Scroll down to view additional items.

  • Icons to the left of the date include:



    Payment successful

  • Balance represents the accumulated monies to be paid to you based on your earnings.  Click here for more info.
    • These payments are based on unpaid earnings.
    • In the above example, monies earned on 12/01/2016 were paid on 2/09/2017.


  • Dates: Select how far you wish to go back via the dropdown menu.

Payment Status

The Payment Status widget provides a history of the payments PulsePoint has remitted to you, including the payment method (e.g. ACH, Wire Transfer), and the payment's current status.



  • Navigate between pages:
  • Set the number of items per page, via the drop-down menu:
  • Export to Excel:
    Click  .
  • Expand line item:
    Click  (to the left of Date column) to view the following expanded payment data:

    Click to collapse the data. 
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