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Document Revision 2.03

The following pages are intended for organizations that monetize their online inventory via the PulsePoint exchange.

Publisher Integration Process

This page includes information on the different ways a publisher can integrate with PulsePoint.

Publisher Selling Desk

User Documentation for the PulsePoint Publisher Selling Desk (a.k.a. Publisher Portal), covering reporting, tag self-service UI and the many optimization and pricing tools available to publishers.

Header Bidding Implementation Guide

How to implement PulsePoint header bidding on your sites, or add PulsePoint as a buyer to your header bidder wrapper.

Reporting API

Documentation regarding PulsePoint's Publisher Reporting API, which allows publishers to run key reports of advertising metrics for autonomous downloading. 

AMP Compatibility

Basic information regarding PulsePoint's support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which enables the creation of consistently fast and beautiful ads.

Legacy Publisher Portal

Ad Tags

Introduction to ad tags, including instructions on creating and implementing different types of tags using the Publisher Selling Desk

Category Blocking

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