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Document Revision 1.25


This guide contains instructions on configuring your Ad Manger line items for header bidding via PulsePoint's automated, powerful tool. You may still choose to set up your line items manually. (Click here for info.) However, our tool has saved many hours of work, and helped our publishers avoid countless mistakes. Our tool can be used with any header bidding solution on the market.

In some cases, your technical Account Manager will complete this step for you.

Step 1: Preparation

 1)  Decide on the size of your line items (pricing tiers). See Line Items for more information. For example:
      a) Every $1.00 from $1.00 to $10.00
      b) Every $0.50 from $0.50 to $20.00
      c) Every $0.10 from $0.10 to $20.00 
      d) Every $0.01 from $0.01 to $10.00 (RECOMMENDED)

2) Decide if you require one set of line items for all bidders (recommended), or separate orders for each bidder.


If you need to configure multiple sets of line items and/or multiple wrappers for your site, the math is slightly different, and more steps are required. Accordingly, if you need to do so, please contact

3) It is imperative you collaborate closely with your Ad Ops and CMS teams throughout this process, to ensure they understand your required configuration.

Step 2: Create Order

To implement header bidding follow these steps to create your order.

Login/Select Network

  1) Paste the following link into a new browser window:
  2) Sign on with your Ad Manager account.
  3) On the SELECT NETWORK form, select your network.

  4) Click Next.

Configure Order

 1) On the ORDER CONFIG form:

    a) Order name: Enter name of the new order to be created in Ad Manager.
    b) Advertiser: Select advertiser from the dropdown list.
    c) Header Bidder Wrapper: Select the appropriate choice from the dropdown list. (e.g. PulsePoint Header Bidder.)
    d) Max Number of Creatives: Enter the maximum number of ad slots on your page.
    e) Extra Markup: (OPTIONAL): If you wish to perform any additional tracking on creatives, enter the appropriate HTML code. Otherwise, skip this field.

 2) On the GRANULARITY form below the ORDER CONFIG form, define the granularity (line items) as follows. For these instructions, we will use
     an example range of $0.01 - $20.00 with $0.01 granularity per our recommendation.

    a) Min: Enter the lower limit of the price range you wish to support (e.g. 0.01). Please enter with two decimal places.
    b) Max: Enter the upper limit of the price range you wish to support (e.g. 20.00). Please enter with two decimal places. (If you
         will be entering a subsequent pricing tier, please subtract $0.01 from this value.)
    c) Granularity: Enter the granularity (e.g. 0.01). Please enter with two decimal places.

 3) (OPTIONAL): If you require a second series of pricing tiers, with a different granularity, for prices above the upper limit of your previous range:
      a) Click +Add.
      b) Return to step 2a.


To remove a granularity, click (error) .

To view each pricing tier per your chosen settings, click Values.

You do not need to select any ad sizes (e.g. 970x90, 300x600.) Your line item(s) can function on all ad sizes.

 4) Click Submit.


This process may take a while. Do not close your browser, or interrupt it in any way.

 5) Your order is now trafficked to Ad Manager.

View Order

Your completed order will display.

 1) Review your order.
 2) (OPTIONAL): To export your order to Excel:
      a) Click Export.
      b) Save your file in CSV or Excel (XLS/XLSX) format. 
 3) Close your browser window. 

Step 3: Review/Approve Order

Even though you have submitted your order to Ad Manager, is it not yet approved. Accordingly, proceed as follows. 

 1) Navigate to Ad Manager.
 2) If you are prompted to login with your Google credentials, please do so.
 3) Click Delivery.

 4) Click the name of the order you just created. (e.g. Test Order.)

 5) Review the order.
 6) If the order is not correct:
      a) Do not approve it.
      b) Close the current (Ad Manager) browser tab.
      c) Return to Create Order at the top of this document to recreate your order. Please use a different name for this order.
 7) If the order is correct:
      a) Click
      b) Close the current (Ad Manager) browser tab. 

Modifying Existing Order

If you need to modify your order after you have approved it (and gone live), proceed as follows. 

 1) Navigate to Ad Manager.
 2) If you are prompted to login with your Google credentials, please do so.
 3) Click Delivery.

 4) Click the checkbox next to the order name (e.g. Test Order).

 5) Click More Actions (at the top of the screen).
 6) Select Archive.
 7) On the confirmation window at the top of the screen:
      a) Review the message therein.
      b) If you still wish to proceed, click OK; otherwise, click Cancel.
 8) Close the current (Ad Manager) browser window.
 9) Recreate your order from the beginning, following the instructions starting with the Preparation section above.