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Settings for various ad tag configurations.


Table of Contents


Do not navigate to another tab (or log out) until you have saved your changes. Otherwise, they will be lost.

Ad Tag Configurations

  1. Navigate to Setup --> Settings.
  2. The following screen will display.
  3. Modify the settings as needed.
    1. Default to Secure Ad Tag (HTTPS):  This option controls the default setting of the Secure Ad Tag field (in the IMPLEMENTATION AND CODE section ) when you create a new ad tag, and modify an existing ad tag. A value of On indicates you wish to set the default to secure all tags via HTTPS protocol.
      > This setting is recommended for ads originating from secure environments.
      > To default to Secure Ad Tag (HTTPS), click Off, per the toggle shown below. The displayed value indicates the current setting.


      To turn off defaulting to Secure Ad Tag, click On, per the toggle shown below. The displayed value indicates the current setting.

  4. Review your settings and make any necessary corrections.
  5. If you made a mistake and need to back out your changes, click  at the top of the screen. (Scroll up if you do not see this button.)
  6. Otherwise, click  at the top of the screen. (Scroll up if you do not see this button.)