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What is CMP?

PulsePoint’s Content Marketing Platform, or CMP, is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool for brands in the content-marketing space. It's designed to make content-marketing campaigns more efficient, more effective, and more trackable.

If you don't already have a content-marketing program, you'll find that CMP makes it easy to get started. If you do have a content-marketing program, you'll find that CMP makes it easy to expand your reach while increasing your return.

Why use CMP?


CMP offers brands a single platform through which to manage intricate combinations of tracking services and distribution channels. Instead of logging into ten different accounts, brands only need to log into one; they can handle entire campaign cycles, from start to finish, in CMP.


CMP uses proprietary data-insight tools to analyze ad performance, track engagement, and dynamically allocate spending based on a brand's goals. These things are almost entirely automated: brands set their campaign preferences, and the platform works within those preferences to generate the highest possible return on their investment.

What's in CMP?


Users are individual people with the ability to log into CMP. Users are governed by roles and permissions. Roles and permissions determine what users can see and do once they're logged in. For instance, some users may be able to see multiple campaigns; other users may be able to see only one campaign. Such users will be differentiated by the roles and permissions assigned to them.


Campaigns are periods of time during which PulsePoint promotes your content. For every campaign, we ask you to define details like start date, end date, budget, content to be promoted, and channels on which the content is to be promoted. We then push your content to the specified promotion channels, collect performance metrics on the content, and optimize promotion strategies based on the performance metrics collected.

In other words, you specify when the campaign runs, what content gets promoted, what promotion channels get used, and how much you want to spend. PulsePoint does the rest.


Content refers to articles, videos, images, and other forms of media that you use to connect with your target audience. Typically, your content is designed in such a way as to make it intrinsically valuable to your target audience, either because it's informative, entertaining, or both.


The dashboard is an all-inclusive hub of information on a campaign's performance. It contains information vital to budgeting and optimization.

The Content Marketing Platform (CMP) is currently in BETA; we're still working on it, and it isn't available yet to all our partners. This page and all its child pages pertain to CMP BETA.