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  1. Tag-based integration: This solution leverages pieces of code that you can insert directly in your page, via your CMS or via your Ad Server. You can easily create tags via the PulsePoint Selling Desk. PulsePoint supports tags to deliver:
    1. Banner
    2. Native units
    3. Instream (pre-roll) video
    4. Outstream video
  2. Header Bidding: PulsePoint supports the most common header bidding implementations. 
    1. You can leverage PulsePoint's own header bidding wrapper, from the Selling Desk
    2. You can obtain the endpoint for Prebid, and most major wrappers, from the PulsePoint Selling Desk.


      At the present time, Header Bidding is not supported for In-App Tags.

  3. Server-to-server OpenRTB-compliant API: PulsePoint can buy inventory via API. Many endpoints are available across the world. This solution is mostly aimed at SSPs.
  4. Client-to-server OpenRTB-compliant endpoint: Offers similar capabilities as the server-to-server solution, but is aimed at being called directly from browsers or apps.